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Baraka | Jewels for Men
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Baraka Cross CR21333 ACC R

Gent's Baraka Cross CR21333 ACC R. A unique, understated cross for men by the Italian brand B..

360.00€ Ex Tax: 360.00€

Gent's Baraka Chain GC221511ROCN600002 -13%

Baraka Chain GC221511ROCN600002

Gent's Baraka Chain GC221511ROCN600002 This is a unique Baraka chain for men, characteristic ..

11,800.00€ Ex Tax: 11,800.00€


Baraka Cufflinks PS215530ACCN000008

Baraka Cufflinks PS215530ACCN000008. ..

642.00€ Ex Tax: 517.74€

Gent's Baraka Ring AN213371ROGR270. -11%

Baraka Ring AN213371ROGR270

Gent's Baraka Ring AN213371ROGR270. One of the most well known Baraka rings, this is a unique..

890.00€ Ex Tax: 890.00€

Gent's Baraka Cross CR232001RODN000002 -12%

Baraka Cross CR232001RODN000002

Gent's Baraka Cross CR232001RODN000002. An elegant, small cross made in black PVD stainless s..

440.00€ Ex Tax: 440.00€

Baraka David's Star ST221521ROCB000000 -10%

Baraka David's Star ST221521ROCB000000

Baraka David's Star ST221521ROCB000000 A unique symbol of faith created by one of the most di..

800.00€ Ex Tax: 800.00€

Gent's Baraka Ring AN211461BRGR210 -8%

Baraka Ring AN211461BRGR210

Gent's Baraka Ring AN211461BRGR210. A Baraka classic, this ring has a simple but elegant desi..

1,750.00€ Ex Tax: 1,750.00€


Baraka Cufflinks PS215560ACCN000004

Baraka Cufflinks PS215560ACCN000004. ..

510.00€ Ex Tax: 411.29€


Baraka Cufflinks PS231212MRAC000000

Baraka Cufflinks PS231212MRAC000000. A finely crafted pair of square cufflinks by the Italian lux..

423.00€ Ex Tax: 341.13€


Baraka Cufflinks PS213661ROCB

Baraka Cufflinks PS213661ROCB. ..

1,320.00€ Ex Tax: 1,064.52€

Gent's Baraka Bracelet BR215191ROCB073039. -8%

Baraka Bracelet BR215191ROCB073039

Gent's Baraka Bracelet BR215191ROCB073039. This is a unique bracelet for men from Baraka'..

1,880.00€ Ex Tax: 1,880.00€

Gent's Baraka Ring AN213371ROGR160. -13%

Baraka Ring AN213371ROGR160

Gent's Baraka Ring AN213371ROGR160. One of the most well known Baraka rings, this is a unique..

690.00€ Ex Tax: 690.00€

Gent's Baraka Cross CR21392-AC R. -7% Out Of Stock

Baraka Cross CR21392-AC R

Gent's Baraka Cross CR21392-AC R. A smart cross by the Italian house of jewellery Baraka with..

320.00€ Ex Tax: 320.00€


Baraka Cufflinks PS21255-NE

Baraka Cufflinks PS21255-NE. A sporty set of cufflinks for men by the Italian Brand Baraka. 18..

920.00€ Ex Tax: 741.94€