Welder Moody - Top Summer Trend

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The Trend we fell in love with!


Summer is the equivalent of adventure, sun, sea, music, dancing at the beach, endless parties and a lot of blinding light and colours!


So what best to escort you while you're island-hoping or just slanking in the mainways of a glamorous riviera than an a unique Welder Moody Watch with a photochromic glass, alternating colours depending on the angle light shoots at it?


The idea of a watch with a colour-changing crystal, and more specifically, Welder Moody came from Italo Fontana, the well-known designer of the emblematic U-Boat watches. This time the eccentric Italian delivers another kind of a statement watch, impressive, with unique characteristics, winking to a vibrant crowd wishing to burst outside conventional boundaries, and with an insatiable appetite for fun!


All Welder Moody watches have a rather minimal structural design, and are built of sturdy, lasting materials. What sets them apart however is the inventive and extensive use of colours. One the one hand we have the photochromic crystals, a special kind of glass that will change colour depending on the angle light is shot at it, and on the other, we have a wide variety of platings on the stainless steel case and bracelet.


Besides the more conventional plain stainless steel, gold plated, rose gold plated, and the modern classic black plated stainless steel, Welder Moody utilises a series of less conventional colours, among which we came to love Chocolate, Olive and the splashy Ice Blue! Needless to say, if you feel like a bore with a case and bracelet of the same colour, Welder also offers several mix-up options where the case of the watch is plated in one colour and the bracelet in another! Yet even if the standard offerings won't satisfy you, here at Verita. true luxury we are open to help you mix and match bracelets, cases and straps to your heart's desire!


Welder Moody watches are available in 5 diameters, 36, 38, 42, 45 and 50mm and come on leather straps, two-sided NATO straps and the ever popular mesh bracelet.


Browse online and select the Welder Moody best suiting your mood today, or visit us for a wrist-run in Athens, Ermou 41, or Kos, Riga Feraiou 9!




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