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Here at Verita True Luxury stores we are highy committed to delivering to our friends and customers complete brand experiences and wholistic understanding of the brands and products we are offering.


It is a priority for us that people understand the products they are considering, the brands producing them and their tradition, as well as the market context in which those brands and products are set.


So, starting from the present post, we will be adding to our blog a series of brand presentations and product reviews with the purpose of enhancing your understanding and enriching your appreciation of our collections.


First in line a short introduction to Frederique Constant Watches, a line of Swiss Made timepieces available online and at our store in Kos!


We hope you enjoy our articles and are really looking forward to your feedback!





When compared to titans of the field that have been around for several centuries, Frederique Constant is a relatively young, yet particularly innovative and committed watch manufacturer.


Founded in 1988 in Geneva by Aletta and Peter Stas and based on their passion for refined watches, the brand is committed to advancing the field of horology while at the same time delivering accessible timepieces of exceptional quality to watch lovers all over the world.


Frederique Constant is consistently delivering to the market mechanical and quartz timepieces of exceptional quality at accessible prices for both men and women. Their emphasis is on timeless design and attention to detail, as can be seen by their very refined use of decorative elements.



We really admire the quality of their finishings, and the fact that they go to extreme lengths to make their timepieces beautiful. All their watches are set apart by their application of multiple decorative styles on their dials, very impressive work on the visible parts of their movements, and of course attention to elements such as the crown or the buckle that are often overseen by other brands.




We have to note that Frederique Constant was one of the popularizers of the Heartbeat movements, allowing us breathtaking views into the balance spring of the watch, the element of mechanical watches that is constantly in motion. Very many pieces of the Frederique Constant collections feature the Heartbeat on their dials and we at Verita True Luxury are really thankful to them for introducing one of the most beatiful and alive pieces of watch movements to the general public.



However, what we really love about the brand is that they have invested in the effort to develop their own movements – something very few watch companies actually do. As of the time of writing based on 2 main base plates of their own, the FC-900 and the FC-700, they have developed several complications that are now available to the market in several interpretations.


Of particular note are the World Timer (FC-718), the Power Reserve (FC-720), the Moonphases (FC-705), and more recently the Perpetual Calendar (FC-775) and the Flyback Chronograph (FC-760).


Even more admirable is that they are delivering those high-end in-house movements to the market for a fraction of the price larger, more traditional brands are charging.


The spirit of innovation of Frederique Constant also led them to be among the first movers in the market of connected and otherwise intelligent watches and brought us such interesting pieces as the Hybrid FC-750 line.


Of course, the smart & connected watches market is dominated by suppliers from the electronics field but it is commendable that they are trying keep up the Swiss Luxury flag in this field and to integrate smart features on their otherwise very elegant watches.





Frederique Constant is also famous for its association with classic motorsports and more specifically, classic cars races and races with the classic, elegant Riva motorboats.


The association of Frederique Constant with the Riva motorboats was launched in 2009 and is based in the sponsorship of Riva clubs and races. These historical motorboats bring together high-end engineering and classic, timeless design, much like Frederique Constant aspires to do in its watches. 


So, the association was only natural, and its horological fruit is a line of elegant timepieces called Runabout. Frederique Constant adds models to the Runabout line every year, and each of the releases is a limited and number edition. The Runabout watches come in a special wooden presentation box, along with a detailed Riva miniature.


Runabout watches are alway unique and incorporate in their design elements that remind us of their connection with the classic motorboats. 


The timepiece we consider exceptional from this collection is the FC-720RM6B6 which also features the in-house movement FC-720 with the Power Reserve.


Similar to the Runabout concept is the spirit of the Frederique Constant Vintage Rally timepieces, that underlines the association of the Swiss watchmaker with Vintage Rallies all over the world.


The Vintage Rally watches come in a presentation box featuring an Austin Healey car miniature, are again limited and incorporate design elements connecting them to classic sportscars.




Overall, if you are looking for a quality timepiece, that will serve you well at the office and with formal attire but are on a budget, we would definitely recommend having a close look at their collection. The same goes for those of you interested in adding a high end, manufacture movement to your collection without selling any of your body members.


Unanimous favorite from their collection here at Verita. True Luxury the Frederique Constant Manufacture Classic FC-710MB4H6, a timeless timepiece with stainless steel case and black leather strap. Its most distinguished features being the long, white numerals on the tar-black dial and of course the in house movement FC-710.


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